Media Services

Media Services

Our media strategist will help you develop media plans that are effective and measurable. We’ll create an extensive marketing strategy for your company covering the following media:

  • Online media
  • National print
  • Local print
  • Radio
  • Cable
  • Television
  • Outdoor
  • E-mail list placement
  • Search Marketing (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • We work with you to fully market your brand.

Added Value will be negotiated from the mediums. This is something a client doesn’t always receive from large Agencies as it’s not commissionable. (Examples of Added Value include Radio Station Remotes and Live Broadcasts, News/Weather/Traffic Sponsorships, Website Inclusion, Tickets to Concerts/Events, Live Entertainment at the clients’ locations, Catering for the clients’ events, and On-air Giveaways and Promotions.)

A client will receive more for their dollar from the mediums as we are strong rate negotiators and have excellent, long-standing relationships with sales representatives.

We use top Advertising resources for Media Planning.

Invoice Reconciliations are performed. Each clients’ Media Invoices are checked for accuracy before the client pays for anything. Any discrepancies will result in credits or bonus schedules for the client!

Our Strength in Media Buying:

  • 15 years of experience in negotiating Media
  • Trained by some of the world’s leading advertising agencies
  • Experienced in buying for a variety of market sizes and regions and for a variety of different categories

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